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VP, Product Strategy - WEBMD

Los Angeles, CA
30 Jun 2020


Los Angeles based Internet Brands is currently seeking a VP, Product Strategy for our WebMD team.

You will be responsible for the strategy and development of products on the leading website in the Health space. The ideal candidate has successful experience driving user engagement in a website experience, as opposed to purely driving pageviews. Ideally you are someone who has thought about using data on user behavior to create a personalized experience on a website, on a mobile app, or via email they have received.


- Responsible for understanding and developing solutions to address needs for all participants in the WebMD experience including consumers, healthcare providers, and pharma manufacturers. Jobs To Be Done framework will be used to define needs and Companyft solutions to meet those needs.

- For and O&O properties, this position is responsible for creating consumer care journeys to help guide users in their health discovery, research, and decision-making process, including finding a healthcare provider.

- Create a personalized experience for consumers across the care journey that delivers the appropriate content, in the appropriate format, to the appropriate device, at the appropriate time. Includes onsite experience with content and tools, and connects users to offsite experiences including personalized email, health and adherence tracking tools, and offsite services.

- Work with technical teams to develop personalization Organizationel including creating individual care profiles and algorithms to deliver the most important and relevant content to consumers.

- Working with sales teams, responsible for defining Jobs To Be Done for various participants on the WebMD and O&O sites including pharma manufacturers, health care providers, consumer product companies, among others. Determine specific needs that they are trying to address and develop programs to address those needs.

- Work across functional teams, including content, product, technical, sales, and ad operations to create seamless experiences providing the highest value for both consumers and WebMD Partners.

- Work with corporate development team to assess how to incorporate new acquisitions and new properties into overall user journey, then lead execution effort post-acquisition.

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