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Engineering Manager

Los Angeles, CA
30 Jun 2020

You will guide the Player Platform Client Team as we create a solution that enables players to be immersed in Riots multi-game ecosystem - including League, VALORANT, Legends of Runeterra, and beyond. Youll help craft the desktop software that millions of players worldwide use to authenticate, install, patch, and launch Riot's games. In the future, your work will be players' first touchpoint with the wide range of experiences that Riot has to offer. You will enable players to discover new games from the Riot ecosystem, unlock content, and promote overall deeper engagement.

You will report to the Engineering Manager of Player Experience team.

Manage a team of 6-10 software engineers ranging from associate-level to staff-level.
Support a team working collaboratively with product, delivery, technical, and quality leads.
Help us with design, code and release processes for the products and solutions produced on your team.
Design the team makeup so that it has the skills needed for our goals.
Ensure what we are building excites and engages our players.

Required Qualifications:
Bachelors degree in Computer Science or comparable experience in software development.
5+ years as an Engineering Manager/Director of Engineering working on teams that ship customer-facing software.
8+ years professional experience as a software engineer.
Experience with Typescript, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, C++
Experience working with UX and visual designers
Experience with software development, including shipping one or more products on large code bases that span a range of platforms and tools.
Experience collaborating across departments to create solutions.

Desired Qualifications:
Experience shipping desktop software (PC/Mac), especially with CEF
Familiarity with ReactJS, RxJS, Jest, Babel, CSS architecture

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