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Data Engineer

Los Angeles, CA
30 Jun 2020

Bigtime Entertainment Co. building state of the art software and algorithms to improve the way that our media company transacts; interacts with consumers and customers; and makes vital business decisions with large revenue impacts. As a Data Engineer supporting the Data Science team, you will frame, pose and translate business problems to build AI-powered solutions that directly contribute to data products. As a member of the Data Science & Engineering team, you will be designing and building scalable models & architectures upon while ML algorithms can thrive, as well as refining existing model implementations so that they automatically build context in order to perform above and beyond expectations.

From creating experiments and prototyping implementations to designing new architectures, we resolve challenging and meaningful problems with compelling business use cases. Our team is committed to continuously leveraging and furthering the latest advances in ML research to transform the broader media market through our data product successes

In this role you will:

Collaborate with the data science team to build future-proof frameworks and abstractions

Collaborate with product management and engineering departments to understand company needs and devise AI powered solutions

Build tools that will increase the productivity of the Data Analytics team-members developing AI-based systems

Implement models that the data science team develops into working prototypes, proof of concepts, self-supporting model ecosystems

Build data pipelines that contribute to a self-sustaining data model system

Build demos and conduct training in conjunction with data scientist to help the broader engineering organization (and/or business partners) effectively use the product

Demonstrate and apply theories through research efforts to develop new and improved products, processes, or technologies

Participate in cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence and machine learning applications

Optimize models for on-device and multi-modal intelligence


Experienced Data Engineer with a BS, MS or PhD in a quantitative field (CS, Engineering, Physics, etc.)

4+ years hands-on business experience, demonstrated implementations of ML models and techniques is a plus

Advanced in Python

Experience with AWS infrastructure (AWS Certifications are a plus)

Strong knowledge of relational and distributed databases, extremely strong in SQL

Multiple Implementations that feature good memory, disk I/O, and CPU/GPU management.

Experience with Apache infrastructure

Experience with streaming data and video manipulation

Familiarity with common ML algorithms (ie neural networks, tree-based methods, unsupervised learning, feature engineering)

Familiarity with ML/AI frameworks, eg,. TensorFlow, Spark, and modular/modern software design practices.

History of research publications and/or implementations of state of the art techniques hosted on open source repositories is a plus

Passionate about ML/AI and how it can improve both the media industry and the world

Technologies we use:

AWS, Python, Python Data Science packages, Spark, Hadoop, Apache

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